Spank dance company

Let's get one thing straight: Dance doesn't make the world go 'round. Although the world itself, the terrestrial globe actually going 'round, well, that is a kind of dance, yes. The Earth spinning on its wobbly axis, circling its partner the sun, performing a long-term promenade with fellow dancers Mercury, Venus, Mars, and all those others: That's a dance, of sorts. And the activity on the planet, the various industries and interactions of the dominant species, the human race, that's another, almost infinite series of dances.
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The Earth Moves

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Review: Spank Dance Company: Butoh - Arts - The Austin Chronicle

Bodies, it's often said, are biological machines. Flip the logic, and machines are inorganic bodies. The Austin Figurative Gallery concerns itself with living, human bodies. The visual artists who frequent this Eastside space run by the seemingly sleepless David Ohlerking concern themselves with capturing the images of such bodies in the fluid techniques of paint, in charcoal, in the varied media of nonphotographic representation.
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Spank Dance Company

There is the imagination and there are facts and there is opinion. I imagine, for example, that if you were to witness a ballet, even the most expertly performed and beautifully choreographed ballet, you would be best served by the experience if you had a working knowledge of what the art comprised: the moves, the timing, the form's standards and the surpassing of those standards, the long history that provides a foundation for the advancing architecture of such kinesis, and so on. Otherwise, you might well find yourself, in the midst of all that sublime and rarefied beauty, yawning. It is my opinion, finally, that with Spank Dance Company, you don't have to worry about either of those disappointments; because Spank Dance Company consistently soars to the best of both potentials without dragging itself through the mire of the worst of either.
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Any disconcerting sense initially spurred by the brevity of the pieces is fast replaced with appreciation and understanding. Though the cohesiveness is, at times, punctuated with some lovely cognitive dissonance—where tunes and steps purposefully contradict. Additional, delightful texture for Dance Carousel comes courtesy of huge-screen projections, used both to complement particular pieces as well as present some standalone moments.
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